Apples And Oranges?

calendarMarch 2, 2009

Went to the Mac store today. I’ve been a PC guy all my life. I have always heard so much about how Mac’s are superior to PC’s so I decided to see one up close. I’ll have to admit the new aluminum frames look cool and they are considerably lighter but it doesn’t stop there. The features and ease of use are remarkable! I particularly loved the feature that allows multiple windows to be open at once on the same screen.

I didn’t stay long but I saw enough to draw me in like new car fevor used to. I’m sure I’ll buy one soon but until then my laptop and PC work fine and I’ll stick with them until they shoot craps. Then I’ll have to consider how I can switch all 10 of our PC’s out for Mac’s. Since it’s not quite so easy to integrate the two it will be an costly move.

The point is, once you make a decision to go with a particular technology, it’s really hard to change. Not only is it expensive but it’s also a time investment and a sharp learning curve is required. I’m trying to not let the sex appeal of the Mac drive my decision too. I’m not sure how long I can hold out on that end, though. Now to go look at the iPhone…

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  • Christopher says:

    Hey Mike.

    Actually, the integration is easier than you would think. I have a mixed environment at the office so I can design for Mac and PC.

    If you have questions shoot me an email or Brody can give you my info.

    Congrats on the new blog.


  • Mike says:

    Christopher – When you integrated your office I assume you started with PC and added Mac, correct? My question is how easy was it for you to work in both formats? There may not be any issues for you now but I have to believe that it was confusing and a little difficult when you first made the transition. For the average person, how long should they expect the learning curve to be? I can’t afford a long interruption in my business.

  • Hi Mike, welcome to the blogosphere (is that a word; and, if it is, is that how it’s spelled?). I’m a musician out of Honolulu who is always looking for a good booking agent. check out Peace, hope and love to you.

  • Shaun Groves says:

    Come to the light, Mr. Smith.

  • Spence Smith says:

    Hey Mike!!!! What an awesome blog!!!! It looks great!!!

    Mac vs PC? that’s easy… Mac all the way! stop wondering and just do it! it’s going to happen! don’t fight it!!!

  • Mike,

    Hi! I found your blog through Spence Smith on Twitter. It looks great!

    I was in your shoes about 3 months ago. My husband bought me a 24 inch iMac. It changed my life. Literally.

    As for the learning curve, it took less than a day for me to acclimate to the new environment, and now it’s like my computer reads my mind. So much so that I’m selling my laptop b/c it’s a PC and reminds me of all of the things that I no longer have to deal with.

    Give in to the fevor! You’ll never go back 😉

  • Christopher says:

    @mike – The gap between applications is even smaller now and document formats are interoperable on both systems.

    When I first made the transition, I used a free application from Sun called OpenOffice. The program handled MS Office documents perfectly and saved them in their original formats to allow for sharing with Windows desktops. In fact OpenOffice, handled documents better than Office2007 to OfficeXP sharing.

    So unless you really have applications that are custom developed for you to run on Windows you should be all set.

    – Christopher

  • Scott Crews says:

    Well, you picked a great time of the year to think about heading over to the Mac side…they released new desktops (including Mac Minis, which are the cheapest and easiest way to move an office over) this week!

    Also, have you thought about using the Google Apps Suite? We’ve been running it for about two years now and it is probably the best move we’ve ever made…even better than switching from PC to Mac. It moves all of the email/calendaring/exchange needs into the “cloud”…and the result was the ability to use any internet connected computer anywhere to do work, with better uptime than if we tried to host it ourselves.

  • Mike says:

    Scott – Thanks for the info and input. My IT company just broke the news to me that I have to put in a new server and gave me the estimate. I’m afraid the Mac Book Pro will have to wait a while.

    Great advice about Google Apps Suite. I will check that out. Thanks.


  • When I count to 3 you will awake and you will have forgotten all about this MAC switch nonsense…. 1 .. 2 .. .. …. …. Type 10 error (line 1111 trap error)

    This is an attempt to execute an instruction that does not exist in the CPU??s repertoire (Unimplemented instruction error). Lack of support for the machine on which it is being run (for example, a 68020 instruction execution attempt on a 68000).

    LOL!!! Sorry.. Couldn’t resist!!

  • I have to chime in here and say GO MAC! Here is a little known tidbit. Mac also offers something called One to One. Why they don’t advertise this more I will never know. Basically for 99 a year you can receive training on anything mac, one to one, once a week. Now this is really great because that means if you want to podcast, make movies, blog, create a website, a dvd presentation anything- you can do it with someones help.

    So go mac. And oh yes, You can make your mac into a pc with bootcamp or parallels. if you absolutely need to This has happened time and again as I am reviewing software.

    I’ll also add, our home and our office is divided. Hubby and his business is strictly PC, I am strictly MAC. AN office and a marriage can survive such things, as long as their is mutual respect and the computer “jabs” are kept to a minimum. One thing I have noticed if something is not working correctly someone will say, “it is probably a mac thing” As if that is some cop out to keep from really addressing the issue. I stand my ground MAC is Great!

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