calendarAugust 16, 2009

I recently loaded a new software called Dragon. It is a speech recognition software that allows me to speak into a microphone and what I say is typed onto the screen of my computer. I’m using it for this post right now. Without touching a single key I am typing this message. It’s not quite as simple as it sounds but it really works.

Since writing does not come easily for me I’m hopeful that this new tool will encourage me to blog more often. I’m a better talker than I am a writer. I had planned to use video blogs since I began posting but to me video is not the same as writing. I seem to learn more when I’m reading than I do when I’m watching video. Hopefully, my future posts will be more frequent and conversational in style.

Technology can be a consuming thing. I think it’s supposed to make our life easier and more productive but the learning curve that goes along with adapting new technology can be somewhat frustrating and time-consuming. In the end it’s still your brain that has to do the work. Mine has definite limitations even with all of these newfangled gadgets.

Not bad though, huh?

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