“Can I Pick Your Brain?”

calendarApril 22, 2012

I?ve had this question asked several times a week for many years. It seems to be a universal question from people who are interested in doing what I do ? management of artists, speakers, comedians and authors. Sometimes I get the same question from someone who is already managing talent but who want to grow their expertise in artist development. In either case, my answer is always the same, I can?t teach you what I?ve learned from 30 years in the entertainment industry during a coffee or lunch meeting. I?ll bet you couldn?t teach what you know in a meeting or two either.

What I think people are really looking for when they ask this question is a short cut to understanding a very complex business. I can?t blame them. Another reason could be that they don?t understand the right (or better) question to ask about entering my profession. I want to help those who are seriously committed to learning the job of artist management but I?m not sure I can help them by allowing them to ?pick my brain?. So, I?ve pondered the question for a long time and think I?ve come up with a solution.

I have been developing a teaching concept using the latest technology available to train people who are passionate about the field of Artist Management. It?s about ready to launch now. You can learn more about it and the role of artist manager here. Then when you see me we can just have lunch or coffee.


p.s. I think the better question for you to ask me is ?How can I succeed as an Artist Manager?? The answer is ?Here?.



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  • Jeff Jones says:

    Michael, I find myself asking this of people I aspire to be like as well. My motivation is simple: “I want to surround myself with those I want to be like in hopes I will grow closer to what they are, buy being around them and taking in their wisdom”. I have had lunch twice with my mentor over the last few years, and it allowed me a sense of reality of what their life is really like. This has helped in so many ways.

  • Mike Smith says:

    Jeff – Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention and missed your comment.

    Good for you. I have practiced the concept of modeling for many years and it has helped me tremendously. Great mentors are rare and when we get a chance to learn from them we should be grateful. I have learned to let them know how much they have blessed me. Everyone appreciates being appreciated..

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