calendarMay 8, 2012

If you?re an unsigned band or artist and not considering a Kickstarter campaign you need your head examined.? While there are numerous platforms for raising money other than Kickstarter, it seems that they are the most productive ones.? Amanda Palmer has raised over half a million dollars for her new project.? Others, while not raising close to that amount, have funded their new projects in a very short time.


If you?re not familiar, here?s the link to Kickstarter.? Understand that you can?t just put a lousy or half-baked description up and get results.? Study the successful projects that have been funded and discover the elements that made them work.? Half of the job is developing a compelling offer the other half is driving people to the site.

I?ll leave you with a quote from Amanda that I believe sums up the reality of where we are now in the music industry.

“The basic tenets of success in music are still true: have good songs, touch people, work hard. But as far as getting around from place to place… musicians are no longer traveling by limo with one-way glass protecting them from view. Now we’re all going on foot, door to door, in the open sunshine… with the internet as our magical, time-space defeating sidewalk.”


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