Send Nathan Lee to Prison

calendarJune 2, 2012

… to offer hope & reconciliation to the imprisoned.

A Singer who sings songs about desperation for those in despair, who no longer wish to be desperate.? A Songwriter who writes songs about brokenness for the brokenhearted, who no longer wish to be broken. (from his web site)












Tattooed, vocal cords sliced by the razor-like effect of too much bourbon and hard living…smoky bar rooms and sleepless nights, countless songs sung until the wee hours of the morning but a heart, nonetheless, that

overflows from
honest faith, commitment and obedience to God. ?That’s my friend.? I am one of his biggest fans.

He only performs in prisons nowadays.? Fame and fortune are not in his heart.? Here?s an excerpt from his journal after performing at Rikers Island prison in NYC.? I believe the last line should be a manifesto for every Christian artist and performer, perhaps all of us:

“As for today, all I know is this: We are all children of God. I don?t care what you?ve done, or where you?ve been. You?re still valuable, and you?re not forgotten. The power of Healing through Christ?.the power of Reconciliation through Christ?..well?.that?s the place I want to stand in the middle of?.and these are the men I want to stand with. Some will start over?some will not. But I will keep going back and singing for them. My hope and prayer is that they will forget my name and walk towards the cross.?

Amen, Nathan?

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