Fixin? to?

calendarJune 21, 2012

That?s a term my fellow Oklahomans use that means they are getting ready to do something, as in, ?I?m fixin? to go to town?. I don?t know who invented the phrase but I find myself using it quite a bit in casual conversations. I have a theory though. Country folks have a lot of wisdom. I believe they purposely made up the phrase to expand the meaning of something that would otherwise have a limited explanation. To Okies, fixin? means more than the idea that we are about to do something. It implies that something will also be fixed as a result of us doing it. The phrase suggests that if we set out to do something it must have needed to be done – or fixed.

Most things I get ready to do really need to be done because something is not right if it?s left undone. It needs fixin?. Take the decision making process for example. Someone very wise once told me that we are the sum total of all of the decisions we ever made in our life. If that?s true, shouldn?t we get really good at making decisions if we want a better life?

I?m fixin? to launch a program that will teach you how to succeed in the music business. Check it out and see if it can help you make a quality decision that may solve a problem in your life that needs to be fixed. Keep in mind, I?m a country boy..

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