Speaking of Not Giving Up?

calendarJuly 23, 2012

My good friend, Ken Davis just released his new book Fully Alive.

I?m a big fan of Ken?s work but I?m also a big fan of the man. I remember the day he told me about the idea for this book. He had just made a commitment to change a lot of things in his life that were bothering him. What I found interesting was that he believed lasting improvement was going to have to be holistic – body, mind and spirit. Improving just one area was not going to provide the lasting results he was after.


I hear a lot of people (especially men) declare that they are going to get in shape or work on their spiritual lives but most never follow through. I?m not sure why but I find myself doing the same thing almost every year. I think it has something to do with having a lack of discipline.

But that is one thing Ken doesn?t lack ? at least not these days. After blowing up like a ?beached whale?, as he described himself, and believing that his best years were behind him, Ken found a verse of scripture from the Apostle Paul that changed his life – ?I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection.? That verse, along with some action steps he figured out, changed him into the man we all know and love today.

I can?t recommend this book highly enough. It is a manifesto of sorts for the Boomer Generation and a wake-up call for everyone. Ken?s energy is infectious! And when you meet him you?ll see that the results of his method speak for themselves. After reading Fully Alive you?ll be saying, who doesn?t want a piece of that?

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