Should You Manage A New Artist?

calendarAugust 1, 2014

The Artist Management Training Course has a secret Facebook group where the owners can chat and ask questions among the other owners. We had a question pop up that I thought we should address via video. It was just too good to pass up.

After you watch the video, ask any other questions you might have in the comments section. Maybe yours will be my next video.


  • I like your insight on this Mike. If we see the heart and the talent, then we should offer to support and help an artist get exposure.

    Breaking through ‘critical mass’ without help can hinder good artists and support from others can always help.

    My two cents is that you work with somebody who you really see a potential star in, rather than somebody who you just see a potential client in.

    Be blessed,

  • Darryl & Odessa says:

    Your comment concerning whether to take a chance on new talent who haven’t established themselves in light of what your colleague spoke
    .. as musical artists ourselves who fit the same description want to see our gifts flourish and we have shared it out and about in the past… it makes artists like us feel good to know that by your response to his comment, you understand…

  • Ellen Diederich says:

    Thank you for sharing your wealth of wisdom on artist management Mike! Each time I listen to you it spurs me on to see the potential in all artists. Thank you for promoting great talent like Denver and MHO, Brad Stine and Chonda Pierce!

  • Mike Smith says:

    Glad you found my response in the video encouraging. If there is one thing I understand it’s the heart of an artist. You are special people who deserve more credit than you probably receive and you deserve a fair look by the industry.

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