Artist Management Course CDs



Here is a collection of 9 CDs of material that Mike recorded at a studio here in Nashville. ?This is 10+ hours of information that will be a great supplement to the Artist Management Training Course.

Volume 1


Management Contract I

Management Contract II

Salvador’s Story


Volume 2

The Mindset of an Artist


Volume 3

Leadership; The Psychology of Dealing with an Artist

Description of a Record Label & Its Functions


Volume 4

What Can Your Management Style Be?

Your Friend at A&R


Volume 5

An Artist’s Perspective on Management – Nic Gonzales


Volume 6

Organizing Your Management Business

Growing Your Business


Volume 7


Contracts II


Volume 8

Booking Agency


Volume 9

Corporate Sponsorship – World Vision

Finish Strong

The Development Process I

The Development Process II

The Development Process III

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