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In just a few short weeks, I will begin teaching you everything I know about being a successful Artist Manager and?MORE!

This is the?first step?to changing your life!

No more missed opportunities like so many times in your past.? No more panicked??what am I going to accomplish with my life??talks with yourself and others.? No more wondering what you are going to do with your gifts and talents.? No more sleepless nights, worrying about when you will finally get something meaningful going in your future.

I want to offer you some?HOPE!




Any of this sound familiar?

  • You want a career in the music business but don’t know where to start.
  • You’re stuck in a dead end job in the music business and need to get out.
  • You’re a boomer who is not ready to retire.
  • You’re an Artist Manager but need just a little help getting your artist over the top.
  • Maybe you’re a self-managing?artist.
  • You?re an entertainment executive who wants to switch careers.
  • Maybe you know an artist whose ministry you want to help.
  • Perhaps you?re an attorney or CPA who works (or wants to work) in the entertainment industry but can?t find a comprehensive and detailed program that teaches at the professional level.

If any of this?DOES?sounds familiar, then I have great news for you. ?I would like to invite you to join what I think is the?FIRST OF ITS KIND?- an ONLINE?Artist Management Training Program aimed?specifically?at the Christian market.


You see, I?ve figured it all out, and I?m laying it all out,?so you can?easily?duplicate my success.? I will take you by the hand and?personally?teach you how to be an effective Artist Manager.? I?ll show you the important concepts and secrets I?ve learned over the years that are?proven methods for success?in the entertainment industry.


I have figured out how to be a great?Artist Manager, and, by the grace of God, I’ve carved out what I think is a very successful life for myself and my family.? I want to help you duplicate my success, and more importantly avoid the mistakes that I made along the way.


This is the ONLY training around that will teach you to be an effective, successful Artist Manager in the Christian Music business.


Here’s what you get:

  • Teaching modules on record labels and their function, booking agencies and how they operate, artist development and much, much more.
  • I’ve interviewed heads of labels, booking agents, publicists, radio guys, other managers and more on video and I asked them questions as if I were you.
  • ?PDF handouts created for each module.
  • ?Access to this training for life.
  • ?Qualified access to me and my office.
  • Forums for you to ask questions of me and others completing this training with you.
  • Podcasts discussing relevant issues in the industry.
  • Conferences in Nashville with my organization and several of my industry friends where we can hang out all day and answer every question you have about the business.? The networking opportunity alone will be priceless.


But it?s?DEEPER?than that.?

Online video teaching is the?future of education.? Compelling content delivered in a relaxed and personable style makes learning fun and easy.

This course is a?complete?training series.? When you finish it, you will be ready to launch your own business or move up in your company like you will not believe.? We cover every aspect of the industry ? from the creative process to leadership and administrative skills plus a ton of success formulas I have used over the years.? Once completed I believe that you will be?totally prepared?to lead multiple artists? careers successfully.

Here?s the thing.? There are more opportunities out there today than you can shake a stick at.? And I believe that?Artist Management?is where you will find the best chance for earning a?substantial income?while serving the artists who depend on you to shape and drive their careers.? Very few people earn the kind of money successful artist managers do.

When I decided to enter the music business I took the big leap of faith and burned my boats.? I had no other option than to figure out how survive!? It was a tough road with lots of bloody noses and skinned knees.? But after?30 years?in this business, I?m so grateful that I took the leap.? My life has been amazing!? I get to be in an industry I love and work with creative giants.

But before you can do?ANY?of this, you need to learn not only the technical aspects of this industry, but also the ?Art? of artist development.? I have figured it all out and I am now ready to share it with you.? And that?s where my?Artist Management Training Course?comes in.

Here?s an interesting fact: I can?t think of?one major artist?out there who made it on their own ? without the help of a competent artist manager.??NOT ONE!? That should tell you something about the importance of a manager. ?The problem is, there is nowhere to learn HOW to be an effective artist manager other than through?TRIAL?and?ERROR?- and that?s a painful way to earn a living.? It?s painful for you and the other people you?re connected to (and responsible for) in the industry.

That?s why I decided to create the?Artist Management Training Course.? My 30 years of experience, along with my friends who are all successful veterans in the music industry, have a collective wisdom that can be of significant value to you.? There is nothing like this anywhere out there…PERIOD!

Don?t get me wrong.? I?m all for formal education (I?ve got some myself) but this teaching program isNOT?like getting a college degree, strung out over 4-5 years of ?theoretical? teaching by people who have never represented real artists.? It is a programtaught by people who are currently working with world-class talent, people who have the??know how??to make a great living in the entertainment industry.? It is fast-paced and technically cutting edge, using the latest concepts in education.? Yet you can go at your own pace, even starting your career while you?re still learning.Check This Out:

  • Learn about the structure and organization?of a record label and the various departments in a label from the people who actually work in those roles.
  • Understand what criteria labels use to select an artist to sign and how to get their attention.
  • Know for sure the most effective way to approach labels to get your artists signed.
  • Develop strategies to enhance the prospect of landing a deal for your artist.
  • Keep momentum going while you develop your artist for showcases and industry events.
  • Learn which booking agency to sign your artist to and how to get them bidding on your acts.
  • Figure out how to create ?buzz? so everyone is talking about you and your artists.
  • Develop the elements of your personality so that you can make influential connections and develop relationships that will serve you over your lifetime.
  • Take a look at every entity in the entertainment industry and understand how they figure into a plan for your artist?s future.
  • Get out there and network like crazy.? Finally understand all of the various organizations associated with an artist?s career and their function in the process.
  • Learn how to lead an artist?s thinking and gain their respect and trust.
  • See how a management company should be organized to manage multiple careers efficiently.
  • Carve out a great life doing what you love.? Get long-term compensation and respect.
  • Glorify God through the ministries you are entrusted with.

I will take you by the hand and PERSONALLY walk you through every aspect of the entertainment industry.?

? I have worked in almost every area of the business including?record label operation,?music publishing,?booking,?tour promotion,?book publishing, network and local?television, network and cable?news,?motion pictures,commercials, corporate?sponsorships,?media,?marketing,?radio,?branding,imaging,?design,?wardrobe,?stylist,?publicity,?media training?(including crisis media),?production,?recording,?transportation,?social media,?live performance,?music video,?comedy,?public speakers,?merchandise?and other various areas of the entertainment industry.

? There?s not much I haven?t done in the Entertainment Industry!

Over the years I?ve learned how to develop industry relationships and gainrespect?and?trust. ?I have developed a valuable reading list and identified conferences, seminars and workshops that provided shortcuts to my success.

I have learned the secret to a concept that has been the most influential component of my journey thus far,?and I?m willing to share all of this with you!

Pretty nice for an average Joe,?right?? If I can do it,?anyone can do it!? But it took me many years to figure everything out.

I have?valuable experience and years of wisdom?to dish out to you.

How?d you like to have me right in the room with you every day or in your car as you drive, advising you on decisions, helping you with the choices you make and teaching you all the things I?ve learned?

How about having some access to my industry friends who have been involved with many of the successful artist in Christian music?? Don?t you think that would be invaluable?


***I sure wish something like this had been available to me when I was first starting out.***

First off, I want to help you decide on what kind of artists you should sign to management.? Or, if you already have an act or two, I can show you how to lead them effectively ? maybe even help you evaluate them to see if you are wasting your time and energy.

There are?red flags?to watch for in artist?s behavior and personality.? I?ve learned these lessons the hard way.? Nothing is more frustrating or heart breaking than to invest your resources and time in a talented act only to watch them self- destruct in a year or so.? Some acts are simply not manageable.

I can also teach you how to?manage?and?structure?your work life.? Technology can be your best friend but improper use of it can be counter- productive.

We?ve learned how to use?social media?and the?internet?to stay current on trends in the entertainment business.??The future of the industry is changing rapidly.? I?ll teach you how to stay current on developments in technology as it applies to entertainment and music.

I have been extremely effective with niche markets.? I have a reputation for working??outside the box??and I?ve found amazing results with techniques I?ve developed that do not require traditional approaches to career development.

New frontiers are opening up every day but you need to develop a pioneering spirit to take advantage of the opportunities that abound.? It?s like the wild, wild West out there now and I?m a cowboy!

??It doesn?t take nerves of steel to succeed necessarily, but it does require some risk.? I will show you how I have learned to manage my risks and still stay in the saddle.

But before you do any of this, though,?you need some coaching.? You need to see what the industry looks like from 20,000 feet and you need a bird?s eye view of all of the entities that are associated with an artist?s career.



? And that?s where my Artist Management Training Course comes in.

It is designed to help you

  • Massively increase your potential for success in the entertainment business
  • Advance your career prospects in the field of artist development
  • Create a system for you to grow your talents and gifts
  • Add value to your resume of expertise in the entertainment industry
  • Provide ministry opportunities for you and the artists you represent


If you resonate with my?values?and?experience, then you?ll love learning how to craft a career in this industry that will transform you and lead you into the life you deserve.


In just a few months, you?re going to walk away with:

  • The experience and posture to encourage artists and industry people to respect you as a bona-fide artist management expert.
  • Knowing the specific steps to launch and grow a profitable management company.
  • Insider secrets to representing careers and ministries that only a few understand.
  • The knowledge of how to craft your resume and presentation to artists and the industry so that they will have confidence in your ability to represent artists properly.
  • The top 10 characteristics of highly successful managers.
  • Knowledge of how to turn one successful act into a whole roster of vibrant artists.
  • A bunch of simple, little behind-the-scenes tips that will save you tons of time, money and energy and keep you from learning the hard way.
  • The exact approach and structure I use to convert 100% of the acts I represent into paying clients (on the spot.)


BEST YET, you?re going to know how to be?paid well for doing what you love.? You will be ready for massive results.

So let me walk you through how you?re going to get all of this amazing information.

First off,?you?re going to learn?EVERYTHING?you would have if you had been at my live event.? This is a combination of the?COMPLETE?version of my 3-day intensive training where I teach?step-by-step?how to develop a successful management company?AND?I?ll include the interview footage of notable folks in our industry sharing their wisdom and insight specifically as it pertains to the management of artists?PLUS?you?ll have the opportunity to have me walk you through it all?PERSONALLY!

Remember, I don?t believe in just sending you a product to have it unused.? I?ve created an entire Home Study around this life-changing information so you get the most out of it.


Here?s just a sampling of what you?ll get in our comprehensive virtual training:


We start here because the manager is the ONLY?position that deals with?every?entity and organization in the industry.? It is his job not only to work with each of these entities but also to orchestrate them so that they stay?in tune?AND?in tempo?with each other.
A solid foundation is necessary to accomplish this major responsibility and a thorough knowledge of each of them will ensure your prospects of success.
You?ll also get my?10 Most Important Concepts for Great Artist Management?that will ?juice? up your effectiveness as a developer of talent.

You?ll also learn:

  • How to evaluate an artist and predict the future prospects for their success based on factors other than their talent.
  • My proven method of artist interviews which will teach you questions to ask that will give you an indication of their manageability.
  • How to evaluate your artist roster to determine if any conflicts might arise in the future
  • Tips on how to find talent and why I always see them perform live before I interview them.
  • How I ?sell? myself and my company to artists.? This is one of the most important things in the business and it will leave you dumbfounded if you don?t master the techniques I use.
  • A list of big mistakes most new managers make, including getting too close with artists personally.
  • 3 simple steps to start each day so that you will maximize your efforts and stop things from falling through the cracks.? Learn the secret of sharing this with the artists you represent and you?ll have happy campers calling in from the road or studio.


Here we?ll talk with some?award-winning,?top-selling?artists to get their take on artist management, and listen in on their private thoughts about what they believe are the?important characteristics?of a good manager. ?We’ll hear their inside story of how they broke out in the entertainment business and how they now understand the important role their manager played in their career development.

You?ll find out why they decided to go with the manager they eventually?signed with and you?ll gain valuable insights into how they evaluate their current manager.? You will see how to earn the?confidence?and?trust?from an artist so that you will have a long-term relationship with them ? and?get them to recommend you to other artists!

Songwriters and music publishers are the ?hidden treasure? in the creative process.??Without writers, music would be devoid of much of its art.? We?ve interviewed well-know, seasoned writers and their publishing companies for this project so that you will gain an?understanding of the songwriting process and the business of music publishing.? You will see how the income stream from music publishing (and its various components) can add to your bottom line and?grow residual income?for you and your artists.

Speaking of publishing, we?ve also included a detailed section on book publishing and author development.? Over the years, I have discovered the?unique issuesand?challenges?of those two worlds.? Some of you may be interested in only representing speakers and authors and that?s OK because?this course is designed for any genre of management.

The book publishing world and author development arena are not as complicated as the music business and most of the fundamentals are similar.? Certainly, I have found that authors, speakers and musicians are developed pretty much the same way.? Only a few things are unique to either of them.??Plus, most artists today are also becoming authors.??That?s an incredible way to expand their brand and I?ll show you exactly how I?ve done it with many of my artists.


Now that you have the?foundational information firmly embedded in your mind, you are ready for the??how to??portion of the course.? Here we?ll dive deep inside the?operations of a management company?and learn specific knowledge about how to function successfully in the entertainment industry.? You?ll discover??know how??about the world of artist development and??insider??information on how to exploit the system for maximum results.

Contracts, Contracts, Contracts!

There is a sea of legal paperwork and agreements that a manager has to deal with in the entertainment business.??Sometimes I feel like I?ve earned a law degree because of all the contracts and agreements I have to deal with almost daily.? Music attorneys are very good and their services are necessary to protect you and your artists ( we?ve included interviews with several of the best).

However,?your artists are going to expect you to be an expert on every aspect of entertainment law.? And you better know how to interpret the things your artists have to sign and live with.? They will look to you to keep them safe and to ensure they don?t make bad decisions in any area of their professional life.? You can bury your business and your artist?s finances paying huge legal fees.

Sometimes I feel like the only ones making money on deals are the lawyers involved.? That?s why I learned how to use standard forms of agreements and have my lawyers only edit or add their expertise.? It saves a ton on legal fees and makes me look like a?hero?to my artists.

I?ll share all of these basic agreements, forms, and contracts with you.? You won?t believe how long the list is!? At one count, I discovered that there were OVER 50 DIFFERENT (or variant) basic forms of contracts in our industry.??The value of this segment alone is worth the price of admission!? And I?ll make every one of them available to you.

The Concept of Modeling:

A?shortcut to success in any field?is a concept that a friend introduced me to a number of years ago.??It has allowed me to progress and grow my business at a faster rate than I ever imagined possible.? It is a way to eliminate most of the guesswork in any endeavor, and it will transform your life if you apply it.

The concept is known as?modeling.? It is derived from the word ?model? which means that something is a standard or example for imitation or comparison.? I?m going to show you how it works.??This idea alone is possibly the single-most valuable thing you?ll learn from our time together.

I?ve got lots of amazing ideas and concepts I?ll share with you but this one is ashort-cut to success.? It will carve years of work off your efforts to succeed.? I can?t wait for you to grasp the idea.? I think it will be one of those break through moments that you?ll look back on years later and realize that without learning this, your life would have been far less vibrant and rewarding.

In line with the modeling concept,?I have interviewed a number of well-known artist managers.? These are people who are leaders in their fields, all of whom have led the careers of famous acts.??You?ll get the unique approach that each of them adopted that allowed them to experience unbelievable results with their artists.? And you?ll discover that there are?many ways to ?skin a cat?, so to speak.

I?ll also introduce you to a number of professionals in the entertainment industry.? Through the magic of video,?I?ll have you sitting right next to them hearing answers to questions I know you?d love to ask.

These are probably people you?d have a hard time getting in to see.? But they are friends of mine, people I?ve developed relationships with over the years.??I know the questions to ask them, too.? Questions that will give you the education you need to understand this very complex business.

Once you have an act or two signed to your management company and?your company organization in order,?what?s next?

I?ll show you the??day-to-day??systems that we use to operate our company.? We?ve learned efficient ways to keep ourselves?organized for maximum output.?Nothing happens at our place that has not been planned out in advance.

We run?a creative place that is a fun environment and things are accomplished in a systematic way to ensure our productivity.

How is it possible to work with creative types all day and still maintain our business sensibilities???We?ve developed a structure in our organization that allows us to be free to come and go as we please, but we are always dependable and time conscious.??This concept?will definitely help you run a tight ship while having a great time.


  • You?ll be able to SIT IN on some of our strategy and planning meetings to see how we develop tactics for implementing artist?s career development plans ??for real live artists!
  • You?ll experience what it?s like to take an artist from unknown to a level of success to which any new artist would aspire.??NOTHING HAPPENS BY CHANCE!? We plan?every step, adjusting, of course, for opportunities.
  • You?ll see how we ?read? the market response when we launch a new career.
  • You?ll be able to sit in on some of the meetings with?labels,?agencies,producers?and all the?other entities?associated with an artist?s career development.


?It will be like watching a reality television show! Have you ever?thought about how much you learn by watching one of those crazy programs?


  • ?You?ll also discover how we stay up to date on industry changes and news.? I?ll show you my routine for that.? Once again, years of experience come into play and I?ve documented everything.
  • You’ll be able to use our templates for your organizational structure and have so much freedom you?ll probably feel like we do ? WE CAN’T BELIEVE WE GET PAID FOR HAVING SUCH A GREAT TIME!!!
  • You?ll be able to follow us around on road trips with artists, climb on a tour bus to see what that experience is like, go backstage at a concert and witness how we organize every aspect of the show and a whole lot more.

It?s all captured on video for you.? We?ve made it entertaining to learn this stuff!

I want you to come out of this course confident that you will succeed in the business.

I want to sit around and swap ?war stories? about your experiences in the entertainment industry with you some day.

I want to hear about your successes and watch you grow and learn.?

It?s?really?important to me.

I can?t?guarantee?you success even if you learn everything this massive course has to offer.? There?s still one thing,?one more ingredient, that everyone needs (or wishes they had) to pull it all off.

This is the?bedrock of my foundation.? I?ve invested my entire life into?discovering?and?learning?it. ?Over and over again?it has worked for me.? I have never seen it fail.??Without it I would be sunk!

There are things that anchor me and drive me toward my goals.? I have collected them over the course of my lifetime and?I will share them with you in this training.? I?ve done this before with other people and it WORKS EVERY TIME!

We?ll get serious towards the end of the program and even if you never launch a career in the entertainment business,?your life will never be the same after you learn this concept.?

Everything I do is based on my Christian worldview.? This is no??hocus-pocus?stuff.? No??rah rah???Think and Grow rich??baloney!? These are basic tenants and concepts that have?changed my life?and?account for all of my success.

I have been blessed indeed, but most of my accomplishments have come as a result of learning from and modeling wise men and women who have gone before me.??I have distilled their wisdom into nuggets that are easy to grasp and certain to bring you the kind of life you?ve always dreamed of having.

This is definitely the most valuable part of my program and the real reason I have labored for years to bring this opportunity to you.??This portion will definitely be worth the price of admission.


So there they are, the?5 steps I?ve developed?to give you the education and training you need to be an?expert in the entertainment industry and to ensure your success.?

And remember, I?m going to walk you through these steps during the Virtual Bootcamp portion of the series so YOU WON’T BE GOING IT ALONE.? Consider it your personal accountability program!

I will?PERSONALLY?walk you through creating a?solid,?profitable?business that will give you the total?confidence?you need to?launch?your career and?grow?astable?and?secure?operation.

Not only will you be able to?hold your own?with any professional in the industry after you have completed this program, but you?ll also be able to exude the confidence that?you know what you?re doing in the entertainment world.

Think about it, you?ll get all of this training from PROS who currently work in the business and it will be delivered to you in a format that will allow you to?retain?andrecall?everything you?ve learned – ALL FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME!

As an additional option, we will offer a CERTIFICATE of COMPLETION of the course to those of you who choose to test out at the end of the program along with a signed certificate and authority to use our progam logo on your resume, web site and signature bloc, designating you as a successful?Graduate of the Artist Management Training Course.


Although I?m not a big fan of tacking on?tons of bonuses?(I tend to think it cheapens the original offer), what can I say?? I have so much more to give you and?I?m not one to hold back.? So?



This will include the list of?recommended books and CD?s?I?ve read and listened to that gave me the ability and confidence to wade into any situation with anyone at any time and hold my own!

They also inspired me to actually become?creative.? That was not something with which I was born.

I will share the complete list of all the?seminars, conferences, conventions, blogs, organizations, meetings, and teaching tools?I attend regularly and use effectively.

Investing in continuing education is?imperative?if you want to?personally?andprofessionally?grow.? I?ve waded through all the offers and options out there and now only focus on those things on my lists. ?I am certain?they will be yours too.



I?ve read TONS of books on goal setting and attended numerous conferences on the subject, but I never found any one concept or book that I felt like had everything I was looking for on this subject.? So, over the years, I?ve come up withmy own system?and I think it will?revolutionize your life if you follow it.? I?ve shared it with numerous other professionals and witnessed AMAZING RESULTS in their lives as they applied this?5 step process.

Here?s the best testimony I have for this approach to goal setting: every single time I have used it, I have accomplished almost EVERY GOAL AND OBJECTIVE I wrote down – and I did it in?half?the time! ?I know it seems?unbelievable, but it’s true.??This system has real power!

You?ll have to plan on getting away from?all?distractions in your life for a few days to go through my goal program properly.? And you?ll need to follow it exactly as I have spelled it out.? But?I honestly believe you will see tremendous results as you follow this, just like I have for over 20 years.



This is the MP3 version of the?Conference on Artist Management CD series. ?I have sold these for over $170 during the past 5 years.? The project was recorded in a studio in Nashville and includes?9 CD?s?of me talking about?every aspect of the industry I could think of.?

This would be a great tool for use in your car, on your phone or iPod while you?re working out, or whatever.

It also includes?an interview with Nic Gonzales (the leader of the band Salvador)?whom I have managed for over 13 years.? This is GREAT stuff.? You?ll get to hear an incredible artist discuss his perspective on the industry and artist management.

This is over?10+ hours of insider information?that will work nicely to supplement the Artist Management Training Course.



This is the PDF version of the?100+ page?manual that compliments the CD series above.? It is the outline registrants use to follow along during our major conference.

It contains?valuable insights?into the management business including copies of my?Management Agreement, An Exclusive Artist Recording Contract, a Booking Agency Agreement, a Booking Agreement Contract?with a sample of an?Offer Form?and a?Contract Rider?example (including a typical?Booking Rider?sample), an?Exclusive Songwriter Agreement, a?Publishing Agreement?and much more?


This is?OVER 8 hours of video?from a two-camera?video shoot we did?this?year over?a?two day intensive series of meetings?with a?couple?of artists we are?interested in signing.? You get to?eavesdrop?in on my lecture to these artists, and you get to hear me answer all of their questions.

You will get to see my technique for?teaching an artist?and?leading their thinking.? How you begin your relationship with an artist is critical.? Here I lay the ground rules and establish my?authority?and?leadership?with them.

I have discovered that if you don?t have these kinds of?frank?and?directdiscussions with new artists you?ll probably end up with a lot of?trouble?on your hands down the road.

I believe this piece is a?very special opportunity?that very few people have ever been allowed to witness or experience.??In this video, you?ll be able to examine the interaction of Artist and Manager from the very beginning.? AND you will get to hear the way I explain career development and management to an artist that I am considering for management representation.



One?complimentary ticket to my upcoming ALL DAY LIVE training in Nashville, TN. ?I?designed this event specifically for you where we will:

  • Spend all day together?- from early in the morning until late at night – in a relaxed setting, getting to know everyone there. ?You’ll also have opportunities to ask every question you may have.
  • Be lead in an advanced Artist Management Session by yours truly.
  • Enjoy visits from some of my industry friends with whom you can talk and hear them discuss their areas of expertise in the industry.
  • Network with other course graduates with whom you can build valuable long term relationships.
  • Get to meet some corporate sponsorship folks who may help sponsor some of your artists touring.
  • (Optional) Visit Downtown Music City and Legendary Music Row. ?You might just bump into a major star or two!
  • Receive a special bag of goodies with wonderful surprises and gifts.

P.S ?We’ll also have a surprise guest drop in to entertain us!



That?s right!?One of you will get the opportunity to partner with my company to manage a new artist.?

In just a few days, I?m going to be sending out the details on this incredible addition to our Artist Management Training Course.? For now, I?m only going to tell you that this is?coming.

Everyone who registers for this program?will get to follow along with the Process we?ll go through on finding and signing a new artist.? You?ll get to watch how everything is done ??showcase procedures,?record label deal,?booking agency representation,?publishing deal, and?everything else?that goes into an artist?s career development?IN REAL TIME! ?

You will get all the details in a few days, but for now IMAGINE what you will learn by being present at every turn (so to speak)?as we launch a new artist!

And every registrant will get the opportunity to watch this all go down – up close and personal!?

We are going to document every step of it on video and share it with you.? You will all be there to?experience?every?twist?and?turn?and all the drama that goes into the Process of building a substantial career.

This is the biggest (and best) idea I?ve ever had for teaching everything I know about artist development!

If this doesn?t convince you to?register today, I don?t know what else to do.

None of this has ever been done before?EVER!? I believe this is a brilliant way to learn everything you need to know about how to succeed in the Entertainment Business.


Wow ? This is Amazing! ?Imagine how much you will learn!


Here?s how it?s going to work:

  • You can REGISTER today by clicking on the?SHOPPING CART.? When you do, you?ll be directed to fill out a Registration Form and asked for your credit card information.? Once that?s completed, simply click ?finish? and you?re all set.
  • You will receive confirmation of your order and a copy of your registration in your in-box shortly thereafter.
  • Once your registration is completed, you will receive an e-mail directing you to your?Artist Management Training Course Dashboard.? There you will see a ?Welcome? video and be able to set up your account with your information so that you can connect with other registrants.
  • Then, after the registration period has ended, you will begin to receive teaching modules, comments from us and other students, and PDF documents.? That?s it.??Simple and easy.
  • Each teaching module will consist of between?6 ? 10 videos?(approx. 20-30 min. ea.).? The course is on a schedule designed for you to go?at your own pace?but you should get enough to last you until the next module arrives on your dashboard at a rate of about one per week.
  • The only catch???You really need to do the work.

So what?s this going to cost me?

Those of you who already know me have come to expect that I don?t?pull any punches.? You already know this is a good deal and when you?apply just a few of the things you?ll learn from this course?you?ll make your money back (probably in the first deal you put together).

This is the exciting part!!? You see, I?m?PASSIONATE?about not only making sure this information gets into your hands but that you actually?USE?it.? That?s why I designed it the way I have.

Until now, my 3 Day Conference on Artist Management cost the?typical?registrant over $2,000 plus they had to be away from home for 4 or 5 days.? And we only had time to put out a?limited amount?of information there.

People have hired me to consult directly and have paid thousands of dollars a day (and even as much as $20,000 for less than a week of my time).? That?s crazy and inefficient!? And a?BAD?investment, in my opinion.? I?ve stopped doing that kind of work.

Right now you can get this for?$1,997.? You?ll get?ALL?of the modular video training,?ALL?of the things I?ve told you about here and?ALL?of the bonuses.? Plus you get to walk through this course with me and all of my industry friends.? You do the math.

Another option is to pay this out over 4 installments of $549.25. ?(Your credit card will be processed in 21 day increments.)


And for that?low price, you?re going to learn??insider secrets??and the ability to craft a business that you can confidently run.

And you?ll have all the?tools?to make a?great income?and?design an exciting business?in the Entertainment Industry.


This is more than you making your money back after your first deal, this is about feeling?GOOD?about yourself and knowing you can do something amazing with your life.? You?ll be able to?serve?and?share?your brilliance and be?paidhandsomely while you?re doing it.



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Yes Mike!? I?m Ready to?Step into the My New Future!

I understand I?m going to get the full Artist Management Training Course where I?ll learn how to grow a successful business in the Entertainment Industry and gain the confidence that comes with being ready!


PLUS, I?ll get these bonuses:

  • Your Personal Development Plan
  • Your Goal Setting Formula
  • The Live Conference on Artist Management MP3 Set
  • The Artist Conference Manual
  • The Interview and Counseling Video Session
  • The Really Big Bonus


And I know that I am protected by your ?Promise That You?ll Love This Training? Guarantee.

P.S.? Look, here?s the bottom line.? It doesn?t matter to me if you invest in this training or not.? It?DOES, however, matter to me that you?MAKE A DECISIONabout it before you jump off this page.? Please don?t let this be?one more thingyou need to ?think about.?? Nothing will keep you from your dreams faster than delaying decisions.? So say YES or NO, trust that and move forward.? If YES, reserve your spot and know that you have made a huge step toward doing your work in the world and getting paid handsomely for it!

Isn?t it time?YOU?stepped into the spotlight?


This is the first step?


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P.P.S.? A wise man once said??we are all the sum total of every decision we?ve ever made in our lives.?? If that?s true (and I believe it is), then shouldn?t we try to make GREAT decisions?? Make a?decision right now?to register today.? Invest inyourself?and invest in your?future.


P.P.P.S.?Another wise man told me that “the difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person is that an unsuccessful person takes a long time to make up his mind and will change it quickly but an successful person will make up his mind quickly and change it slowly, if ever.”? Make a QUICK decision ??right now!


Legal Disclaimer:? Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential.? The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don?t apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.? Each individual?s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.? As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

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