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Building Blocks

Artist Management Agreement Videos
Interview With David Smallbone, for KING & COUNTRY’S manager
Denver On Management
Goal Setting and Personal Development
Interview With Artist and Movie Director, Rick Altizer

Module 1

Let’s get started with an industry overview and my top ten secrets to artist management.

Module 2

Record label: two interviews with some great A&R folks.

Module 3

Booking agency

Module 4

Performance coach, Tom Jackson, teaches on the best way to hold an audience.

Module 5

We hit pause on this course to have a few discussions on landmines and a fireside chat with Mike.

Module 6

Let’s talk social media and the internet and more.

Module 7

Ah, publicity. Brian Smith, Brian Mayes and Beth Hood-From teach us how to use publicity and the media.

Module 8

More great teaching from Mike.

Module 9

Radio. We want our artists on the radio. Let’s chat on how to make that happen.

Module 10

Mike teaches on the importance of conventions and more.

Module 11

Chad Seguora, who has been in the publishing industry for many years, shares some valuable insight. We also get some great insight on marketing from Misty Williams, a former student of Mike’s.

Module 12

Bill Delvaux shares a unique approach. Also, Wayne Hastings starts teaching us some how to publish a book.

Module 13

This course started from a conference. Let’s review the conference manual. We also hear from a lawyer on navigating contracts.

Module 14

Mike teaches on how to find and sign a new act.

Module 15

Mike teaches on how to use TV & film to your artists advantage.

Module 16

Greg Stielsra wrote a fantastic marketing book called PyroMarketing. In this module he teaches his method.

Module 17

Rick Barker helped develop and launch Taylor Swift’s career. He shares some valuable insight and lessons learned from time.