May Webinar


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  • Is it fair to ask that an agency that want exclusivity meet performance goals?
  • For those who self-manage, does it come across as unprofessional to book yourself?
  • Along the lines of an artist calling to book themselves, is “mom” being the booking agent received poorly generally?
  • If you self-manage, how do you effectively do this without all of the connections that an agency has?
  • Are benefit concerts a good option for a new and barely-known artist? less $ but more PR & more frequent shows.
  • Do Managers and or Booking agents take a percentage of a Love Offering … if it’s in addition to a set fee?
  • Know every opportunity can be great for an artist, but is there any advantage to “piggybacking” my artist with someone else?


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Our Artist Management Conference is happening on June 21st at The People’s Church in Franklin, TN. If you’re an owner of our Artist Management Training Course, the cost is FREE. The cost to have someone attend with you is $99 per person. Please register by emailing

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