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March 19 Webinar on Artist Management


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  • Question: I had a entertainment lawyer write up my management contract and it was nearly $1500. That being said why would you give it away?
  • Also every state law is different. Is the contract written of of Tennessee state law?
  • Doesn?t that also depend on your role? If you are all an artist has, you
  • are manager, booking agent, PR, and much more.
  • If you are a manager, especially if you are new manger, how do you effectively introduce material like Tom’s without the artist saying, “I don’t need that! I rock already??
  • The direction of the music industry seems to be taking a whole new face or direction, what is more important, radio play? live performances?
  • I am an artist manager who is used to URBAN GOSPEL artists.I just signed an African American CCM artist. What director would you suggest i take with her?
  • I have a question about tax id #?s
  • Question:I am an artist looking for a Manager, how would you suggest I attract the attention of a good Manager,and how should I prepare before I call?
  • Will you be discussing anything about managing the career of a blogger or podcaster?
  • When a band is not motivated to write new music, is there any help? Time to do cover songs? they are a talented group too!
  • When an artist wants to act, write jingles and release albums…how do you get them to focus without them feeling that you are not trusting God?




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